Custom steel gates and wicket design LB-I-G-0003

Products Character

  • High grade Q235 low carbon steel, safety and environmental
  • European art design, strong structure, the size of tubing and flower parts can becollocated as customer’s requirement.
  • CAD PicComputer Aided Designs are provided for the gate to ensure that your exact requirements are met and you know what you are getting prior to the manufacturing process
  • Long-lasting iron, Tough paint coating, powerful adhesive ability. Have the excellent climate resistance, Erosion resistance and temperature change resistance.
  • Look elegant, enhancing the beauty, value, and curb appeal of your home.
  • Can be Sliding gates and swinging gates. the gate and be design with remote control.
  • The products process including hot dipped galvanized and three layers paint finished in the surface, total 20 process steps, insure the quality. hand applied finishes, protected with oil based clear coat sealer
  • The ornamental forged wrought iron component is totally produced by ourselves, so we have unusual speedily application property and selectivity. There are various steel arts flower parts to choose.. They can be collocated optionally to ensure variousness of our products and the constructions is flexible and convenient. products could be personality customized
  • Hot-dip galvanizing, we will open a small hole before hot-dip galvanizing, when the gate enters the galvanizing pool, zinc will flow in through the small hole, to ensure that the square steel is hot-dip galvanized inside and outside, to ensure 20 years anti-rust.

Production Process




Hot Dip galvanizing


Filling putty

Spray paint

Testing door


Standard Features


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